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RUFFcrest Pooch Pack

RUFFcrest Pooch Pack
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SKU: CWRUFFcrestpuppick-bundle

Serena's RUFFcrest pooch pack features wines all rescued from the top of our Ridgecrest site. These wines are not "ruff" by any means - all fun, unique, full of life and and awaiting a loving wine glass and owner. PS, don't be deceived by these weird words like gruner or gamay, gordon setter or grand anglo-francasis blanc et Noir, we can't tell what is a wine or a dog.. we just know they are all PAWSOME! 

Included in this bundle:

(1) 2018 Ridgecest Vineyard Gruner Veltliner

(1) 2015 Ridgecrest Vineyard Gamay Noir

(1) 2014 Ridgecrest Vineyard Riesling Sext 

Retail: $90 | Club: $72